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Tuesday, April 17 2018 - 15:00
JIINTECH Launches Digital Electronic Housing: JN-EH35
SEOUL, South Korea, April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Usable in extreme climates as well, while resolving issues of CCTVs like 
heating and low resolution

JIINTECH (CEO: Jihyun Park), technology innovation company that develops 
various security solutions, recently launched JN-EH35, a digital electronic 
housing that resolved common problems of CCTVs - heating and low resolution.

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(Introduction of a digital electronic housing, JN-EH35)

As a digital housing control system that has global competitiveness and 
differentiated technology, 'JN-EH35' maintains internal temperature (delta 
temperature above 35 degrees Celsius) in high(above 70 degrees Celsius) and low 
temperatures (below minus 40 degrees Celsius) based on JIINTECH's technology. 

This small cooling monitoring system is made of double front glass in sealed 
housing structure, and the temperature can be set and adjusted by using the 
control box. Also, the sliding guide allows it to be installed on various 
products and it is environmentally-friendly as it does not use cooling water or 

The most notable feature of 'JN-EH35' is that this electronic housing provides 
protection for CCTVs and communication equipment in extreme climates. As a 
module type, it is easier to install and maintain than other similar products. 

Also, as long as there is an electrical lead-in, the internal equipment can be 
protected from extreme temperatures. As a result, it is a more economical 
choice than conventional air cooling or water cooling housing and has a simpler 
structure. For those reasons, the product has received much attention from the 
global market since its launch.

JIINTECH CEO, Jihyun Park said, "The industry is showing keen interest in the 
digital electronic housing, CCTV JN-EH35. We are happy that our electronic 
housing that allows users to use CCTV in extreme environment with high or low 
temperature and high humidity has brought our and Korea's technological power 

She added, "JIINTECH is providing top products and services based on young and 
innovative planning, differentiated system, and rich field know-how in the 
digital monitoring and surveillance market, which is growing fast. Based on our 
technology and humanity, we will do our best to create the world-class 
surveillance system company in the Korean and world market." 

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Contact : Jihyun Park