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Friday, September 20 2019 - 23:13
Chinese Tourists Will Bring 10 Billion Chinese Yuan Windfall for 2020 Sporting Events
SHANGHAI, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-Westwin Shared Insights on How to Engage Chinese Outbound Tourists During the 
Upcoming Sporting Season

Westwin ("the Company"), a leading digital marketing and technology company 
focused on cross-border business, shared insights on cross-border marketing 
opportunities presented by the upcoming world sporting events at the CMO Summit 
2019 in Shanghai. Leslie Chu, chief revenue officer of Westwin, analyzed 
Chinese outbound tourists' consumption behaviors and provided advice for 
businesses to engage this lucrative market.

Japan currently ranks No.1 as the most popular overseas destination for Chinese 
tourists, and their per capita consumption is up to 20,000 Chinese Yuan, 
according to the cross-border consumption report released by Westwin in 
conjunction with AC Nielsen. In 2018 alone, mainland Chinese represented 32% of 
Japan's foreign tourists and this number is only set to rise, as additional 
500,000 Chinese tourists who have great passion for sports will provide 
potential business opportunities upwards of 10 billion Chinese yuan.

During the CMO Summit, Chu said tourists aged 25-44 are the main driving forces 
behind the increase in Chinese tourists to Japan, and 85% of Chinese outbound 
tourists prefer self-guided tour and immersive travel experiences. However, 
brands from Japan and other countries often lack a deep understanding of 
Chinese tourists' consumption behavior, making it difficult for them to 
capitalize on marketing opportunities by developing appropriate content and 
selecting accurate channels to target this specific group.

Citing the report, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)/Influencers, product discounts, 
brand story and culture, advertising and event creativity are the main driving 
forces that influence Chinese outbound tourism consumption. In high-income 
shoppers (those with a monthly income over 30,000 Chinese Yuan), approximately 
78% are more inclined to be influenced by KOLs.

Instead of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, China's unique internet ecosystem 
has shaped social networks to such an extent that native apps such as WeChat, 
Weibo, Tiktok and Little Red Book - a word-of-mouth social e-commerce app 
focused on beauty, fashion, gourmet and other lifestyle subjects - have become 
globally unique; making it difficult for advertisers in other regions to apply 
time-honored models to the Chinese market. 

"Chinese outbound tourists rely heavily on social media platforms to guide 
their purchasing decisions, with Weibo and WeChat serving as the main pathway 
to greater information and ads. In terms of devices, 86% of cross-border 
shoppers view information on mobile phones," said Chu. "Leveraging the upcoming 
events, advertisers and brands should invest early in social networks and 
mobile phone based strategies. At Westwin, our one-stop marketing solution is 
tailored to our clients' business. With years of hands-on experience and 
certified partnerships with Chinese internet giants, we are proud to enable 
foreign clients to win with their marketing campaigns."

About Westwin

Westwin, formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), is a leading digital 
marketing and technology company that focuses on cross-border business. It 
provides branding strategies and digital marketing solutions to help clients 
achieve success in China and around the world. Westwin is a certified marketing 
& advertising partner of Baidu, Tencent WeChat, Sina Weibo and more major 
digital platforms in China. With years of experience in cross-border business 
and partnership growth, Westwin is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to 
take businesses to the next level in overseas markets.

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