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Friday, September 20 2019 - 23:49
Yili's Greek Style Yoghurt AMBROSIAL is Officially Launched in Southeast Asia Market, Further Expanding Its Dairy Silk Road
SINGAPORE, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-AisaNet/ --

Yili (SHA: 600887), Asia's largest dairy enterprise, yesterday held a launch 
event in Singapore to announce its sub-brand AMBROSIAL's official launch in 
Southeast Asia. During the event, Yili also announced the co-operation between 
the brand AMBROSIAL and Alfa Romeo F1 Team. The team CEO and Principal Frederic 
Vasseur and one of the drivers Kimi Raikkonen also attended the event.

"Yili's decision to introduce AMBROSIAL in Southeast Asia originated from the 
goal of integrating high-quality resources globally to provide healthy food 
options for customers worldwide," explained An Lei, Vice President of Yili 
Group. "AMBROSIAL strives to bring rich and creamy indulgence to life. The 
market entry into the Southeast Asian market is a new step for Yili Group to 
reach larger groups of consumers around the world. It is also a new initiative 
for Yili to promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable development in 
Southeast Asia." 

The rich and creamy Greek-style drinking yoghurt, with more protein than 
regular yoghurt, is produced with a signature yoghurt culture developed by the 
Agricultural University of Athens in Greece and made from fresh milk sourced 
from well-chosen pastures. 

The product was developed to meet the evolving modern lifestyle as an on-the-go 
indulgence and to provide Asian consumers with a new drinking experience. Since 
the AMBROSIAL brand was launched in 2013, it has reached annual sales of over 
USD 1.97 billion.

AMBROSIAL launched in Southeast Asia market is available in three types of 
packaging for convenience, namely Tetra-Pak, Tetra-Top and PET Bottle, as well 
as five flavors - original, blueberry, strawberry, yellow peach & oats and 
mango & passion fruit.

In July, Yili's AMBROSIAL orange and pineapple flavoured yoghurt was 
shortlisted as a FINALIST in "Best Concept" categories of the 2019 Asian Food 
Innovation Awards. This yoghurt will also be available in some of the markets 
in the future.  

Yili is ambitious to bring wider ranges of products with the highest quality to 
customers in the region. Yili strives to provide customers with the very best, 
sourcing the highest quality ingredients globally, as well as pushing forward 
innovation and marketing capabilities. With Yili's ultimate objective "Sharing 
Health with the World", the group is keen to become the most trusted healthy 
food provider in the world.

About Yili

Founded in 1956, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. (Yili Group) has been 
the largest dairy producer in China and ranks first in Asia according to the 
2018 Rabobank "Global Dairy Top 20." Yili is the only dairy company to serve 
both the summer and winter Olympic games. Utilizing technology, Yili aims to 
build the world's leading R&D and industry-university research cooperation 
platform for the health food industry. Yili was awarded "China's Best 
Practices" of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN 
Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative in 
2017, and ranks third in "Top 50 Most Valuable Food Brands in the World" by 
Brand Finance in 2019. The group proactively sources high-quality milk from the 
golden belt area in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas and aims to become 
the world's most trusted health food provider.

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SOURCE: Yili Group